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Booty Kickin’ Sculpt on a Thursday Afternoon

I so got my booty kicked.

Let me just tell you now, full disclosure, I work for Swerve Studio, the studio that I went to today. I teach yoga there MWF at 7:30am and have taught there since 2003. I can take free classes at the studios where I work, hence I can take free classes at Swerve. Given this information, one would think that I go there all the time. Yea, no such luck. I can count on one hand the classes that I have taken at Swerve in the past 4 yrs. That’s the sort of the curse of the teacher (at least in the world of health and fitness), you teach more than you are able to take, but that’s another post 😉

So, since I started this little journey of the YoGeek Workout, I decided to make it a priority to experience as many ways to experience fitness as I could. Today, it was Booty Kickin’ Sculpt with Gillian Clark founder of Yoga Booty Ballet.

The funniest thing about this, is that I keep thinking that I’m in shape, and I keep being reminded that, no, that’s not the case!

The class was so much fun and soooo hard for me! It was full of fantastic women (gentlemen, you are welcome, mind you) all glowing with beauty and life from the inside out. There was such joy for working out in that class, not this manic self involved do it or loose it energy that I tend to feel from gyms and gym group classes. Gillian was delightful. She kept the energy going with lightness, brightness, wisdom and a deep sense of humor. We began by doing and energetic quick warm up, full of dance moves and funky beats. We then continued to do what it seemed to me like endless repetitions working with body toning bars and hand weights. We worked the majority of the upper body muscles, deltoids, pecs, biceps, rhomboids and of course the bottom half of the body, quads, glutes, outerhips and inner thighs. There were many times where I just had to stop. I felt that my muscles just were not up to the task. I did my best to move my feet to the beat, but gotta tell y’all, even through the exhaustion, I had a great time.

What made the class special was Gillian herself. As she teaches there is an exuberance that comes from her, a true zeal for tasting life at it’s fullest. She is ALIVE. She is uncensored. Her heart is pure sunshine. As she was doing the class with us, she spoke practically the whole time, either leading the class, or giving us incredible tips about health, fitness, environmental issues, love, books, anatomy, food, seriously, I felt like I needed to take notes. Her brilliant musings were welcomed and wanted given what we were doing with our bodies 😉 It was her personality that made this class so deeply enjoyable, even though, it seems to me I’m going to be mighty sore tomorrow!

Gillian spoke of the 5 things that are necessary for fitness: strength, flexibility, endurance, cardiovascular health, and that whole 30% fat or less thing (I know that there is a technical term for this, but just cannot recall it right now.) I thought about these 5 things and I recognized that there are at least 2 that I never address, and those 2 are the ones that are kicking my behind right now: endurance and cardiovascular health. I know that I am flexible ( I should be practicing yoga and teaching it and all) and given my yoga practice I have built quite a bit of strength, which I’m very proud off. Part of the fact that the class was so hard is that it required endurance, to keep going, to strive through, not using momentum but an inner strength. I fell short, and recognized that. I also can feel that my heart needs to be worked out. It’s so strange that even though I bike so much around town, I never push myself to a place where I make my heart beat faster. I bike at a pace that is necessary to get me from point a to point b. Biking is not my workout, and I have never viewed it in that way, so I’m careful as to how long it takes me to get to my locations and choose not to exceed the speed that is necessary to get there, so I have built up this rhythm, internally, where I don’t work harder than necessary. This process has been truly humbling.

This class once again gave me more, there’s always more, and I’m happy to meet the challenge 🙂

If any of you want to take Gillian’s Booty Kickin’ Sculpt and happen to live in LA or maybe coming to LA to visit, check out her schedule

Truly worth it!


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  1. Cool, I knew after watching your video (which was very good by the way) that you were in L.A. Maybe I read that on one of your other posts, or maybe I knew it from hearing Swerve. I used to live in the “Valley”. I love it out there. Okay I just noticed it at the bottom of your post. LOL! Hey that video is really cool.

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