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Virtual Yoga Teaching

I met Mr. Nick Schmidt when I commented on his blog post for Techie Diva. By ‘met’ I mean he contacted me after the posting and we kinda began to email back and forth, forging a virtual friendship. As we continued our conversation, videos and getting in shape surfaced, and I thought how cool would it be to send him a video so that he could do yoga! He’d never done yoga before. So I kinda got something simple done, it was really meant just for him, so he could feel comfy at doing the practice. I thought, how cool would it be if he could send me a corresponding video, so that I could watch him to see how he was doing. Well, lo and behold, he did such a good job at it! So good in fact that I gave him permission to use the video on his site and all. Here it is. check it out.

Yep. The mighty Nick got my name wrong. That kinda sucked. He called me Elise. I have nothing against all the fantastic Elise’s out there, but my name is Elsie. Kinda gave Mr. Nick some crap about that, but hey, what’s done is done, and I know that his heart was in the right place πŸ™‚ enjoy the video!


4 Responses

  1. YoGeek: Your answering service left three messages for you:

    Elise Escobar called. Wants to know why you’re making videos using her name.

    Some little girl called to complain your meditation is disturbing her piano playing.

    And Mike Kuypers called to say he still thinks your parents have a cool daughter.

    End messages.

  2. Mike! πŸ˜€
    you know when i read the first line of the comment I thought, I have an answering service, and why did they leave me a comment here? Just for a second, but seriously, why did I even think that?

    Hee hee

    Meditation disturbing piano playing, I’m sure it does. She’s been especially loud lately πŸ˜‰

    I’ve had the Elise thing all my life (at least my life in this country.) I actually have had great conversations with Elises and they tell me that everyone calls them Elsie! I think there’s some sort of dyslexia going on with people looking at the letters of our names.

    I do my best to be the cool daughter πŸ˜‰ I think between all of us, my bros and I, we give my folks plenty to think about πŸ˜‰

  3. mike nice yoga socks.. I mean nick.. opps… this is really great.. love it. xo

  4. To Nick’s credit he never mistook a cell phone for Elsie’s face:

    the light of innocence

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