Marc Holzman (Part 2) and Dr. Monte’s ‘How They Did It’

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My Cover Girl dream has come true! Podcaster User Magazine issue 18 :)

Lance Anderson interviewed me for PUM and I made the cover 🙂

Read the Article and you can listen to the interview!

Marc Holzman (Part 1) and Children’s Fitness and Technology

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The Role of Media in Child Obesity

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‘cute’ Bell Stopwatch ( I don’t think that it’s cute at all)

Kombucha this is the drink that exploded 😀

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YoGeek Beginnings- Finally an intro! and Marcia Speaks…

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yogic meaning- yo·gic [yoh-gik] Pronunciation Key adjective, of or related to yoga (source:

Geek- Wikipedia

Workout-, WordWebOnline

Basic Running tips from a New Runner Wannabe

I’ve started to run again! Possibly training for a Marathon :)I’m running to:

1. get in better shape

2. to participate in community, primarily the SQPN Community (The Daily Breakfast, Rosary Army, The SaintCast)

3. to be of service, hopefully to offer my insight and incorporating yogic principles to the practice running, with a beginners cap on as I am no running expert 😉

I’m going to periodically post audio, video, whatever i’m up for here, if you want to check out the series!

I was so inspired that I’ve decided to make this into a podcast! Whooooopeeeee!!!!!

listen up and enjoy!