How To Leave a Review in iTunes-YoGeek Tips Guerrilla Style

Moving in line with yesterday’s post, that of appreciating podcasters πŸ˜‰ Here is a great way to do it! We as podcasters (as of this moment in time) get a ginormous amount of our listeners via iTunes. Most of our listeners find us there, and as of this moment, most people are acquaited with iTunes so it’s very easy for us to tell them to subscribe that way.

One way in which podcasters get ‘seen’ more by the iTunes logarithms is by having people leave reviews to podcasts. I have seen that the more reviews I get at any given time, my ranking in iTunes usually goes up! Which of course is totally cool because that means more people can come across my podcast πŸ˜‰

I decided to facilitate the process by making my first screencast!

Screencasts are hard 😦

Still need a lot to learn (especially about my audio) and yes, I do know that I look all space alien like πŸ˜‰ But, beside that. I give you a very simple, guerrilla style video to guide you, so that you can take your first step toward giving your favorite podcaster some love!!! It’s a great gift to give πŸ™‚



Podcast Appreciation Day! The YoGeek’s pics

Glancing over at Twitter, I saw a post by PodcastMama that it was Podcaster Appreciation Day. I followed her link and got over to this post on Podcasting News. It seems like this was very impromptu, and somehow it just really resonated with me.

Podcasting has been such a huge part of my life in my 30’s. In fact I can say that podcasting saved my life, keeping the best part of myself steady, making me accountable for who I was and who I was meant to be. Podcasting provided for me the ground that for many years in my life I lacked in ‘real life’, and it was because of my stepping into it 100%, I finally stepped into the life that I was always meant to have πŸ™‚

I know that this is very metaphorical, and it may seem a bit hooky, but at this time, I don’t believe I can give the necessary time to explain this whole thing.

I believe from the bottom of my heart that podcasting helped me Workout me, to the best of my ability.

So given that I’m going to share with you a list of some of my personal favorites. Some of these are new finds that I have got to share! I’m a huge fan of podcasting and the podcasts that I listen to are A LOT, I’m really paring these down. I mean really πŸ˜‰ I appreciate you podcasters!

  • Pray as You Go-I listen to this podcast sporadically now. When I flew to L.A. recently I caught up on all of my missed episodes. This is the podcast that centers me and always brings the BIG picture into my life. It reminds me to Connect. What’s awesome about it also is that although it is made by jesuit priests, it’s not a specific ‘catholic’ nor even ‘christian’ podcast. Although of course It’s all about the bible, but the application of scripture to the everyday is absolutely phenomenal and applicable to any religion or spiritual path. It’s creative and deeply moving, with great music πŸ™‚
  • Fitness Rocks– Dr. Monte is a very knowledgeable Dr. I tend to gravitate toward people that are not wishy washy. Dr. Monte is the opposite of that. He truly drives the points to your health home. He gives you tangible studies to support (and a lot of the time not) the latest health trends and issues surrounding weight loss and healthful living. He has a very active community where you can ask questions relative to weigh loss, diet and health. I have not deleted any of the past Fitness Rocks episodes because everytime I re listen to one I find that I missed so much info, and I find it still incredibly relevant.
  • The Hollywood Podcast– At first I resisted subscribing to Tim Coyne’s podcast (or even listening to it), not because of Tim by any means, but because I did the whole Hollywood thing and honestly I was sick of it. Once I got into podcasting I found the LA Podcasters and Tim was a member. I decided to do my homework and know what these guys were about, so I listened to an episode. I was hooked. I love this podcast! I believe this is the epitome of an independent podcaster. Tim is a very talented guy, sharing his personal life (the Unkempt series, my favorite) with lots of smart and creative interviews of people in ‘the business’. Often times his storytelling takes me through the gamut of emotions. I laugh hysterically (his has been the only podcast that has made me guffaw out loud while walking down the street πŸ˜€ ) I get totally angry at him, and then at the end he makes me cry. Seriously.
  • More Hip Than Hippie– I’ve gotten very serious about environmental, and sustainable issues lately. I want to create a world were my family can live free of all sorts of extra crap that should have never been the in the 1st place, be it trash or pesticides or chemicals. I found this show by chance while working at Wizzard (as part of my job is familiarizing myself with libsyn podcasters). I love it! Dori and Val are awesome. They are spunky, they are opinionated, but at the same time light hearted and crazy funny. I have learned such great hints and tips about all kinds of green stuff, I can’t even tell you. Every week I look forward to listening to what they have to say.
  • Cooking Up A Story– Staying with the environmental topic, this podcast is absolutely fantastic. It’s quality is top notch, very reminiscent of something on PBS. They have the most interesting stories about people, food, lifestyle. I have been riveted by the stories, plus it’s video, so you can see what’s going on! I can do it no justice by trying to describe it. You have to watch one of the episodes. The minute I stumbled upon it I couldn’t turn back. I even had a fellow podcaster (the mighty Average Betty) tell me fantastic things about it. This is a must. Plus, their website is full of great links to other incredible information.
  • The Eclectic Review– I love these guys!!!! OMG. Another one that I found at work. I love the essence of this show. I love the conversation between Glory and Stuart, it’s intelligent, poignant, clear, funny, mundane, and I could go on and on and on. They converse about art, books, movies, science, and whatever pops into their head. This podcast gives my scientist side a treat ;). I don’t get a chance to cultivate that side too much, although it does so want to peak out. This one is my new fave.

I could go and on and on, but I’ll stop at these 6. There is such good content out there. I’ve been a loyal listeners of podcasts that I don’t mention here. So much, so much! These are the ones that at this point in time, I’m fired up about πŸ™‚

If you have any that you are a fan of, please share in the comments! Podcasters deserved to be appreciated πŸ™‚

Marc Holzman (Part 2) and Dr. Monte’s ‘How They Did It’

marc holzman

Lance Anderson

Verge of the Fringe

LA Podcasters

Elsie’s Yoga Kula (home of my yoga podcast)

Mudra Moments

Hillary’s Yoga Practice


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Marc Holzman’s Guerrilla Yoga

Fitness Rocks

Weight Loss: How They Did It (buy the CD at Amazon, buy download version HERE)

My Cover Girl dream has come true! Podcaster User Magazine issue 18 :)

Lance Anderson interviewed me for PUM and I made the cover πŸ™‚

Read the Article and you can listen to the interview!

Virtual Yoga Teaching

I met Mr. Nick Schmidt when I commented on his blog post for Techie Diva. By ‘met’ I mean he contacted me after the posting and we kinda began to email back and forth, forging a virtual friendship. As we continued our conversation, videos and getting in shape surfaced, and I thought how cool would it be to send him a video so that he could do yoga! He’d never done yoga before. So I kinda got something simple done, it was really meant just for him, so he could feel comfy at doing the practice. I thought, how cool would it be if he could send me a corresponding video, so that I could watch him to see how he was doing. Well, lo and behold, he did such a good job at it! So good in fact that I gave him permission to use the video on his site and all. Here it is. check it out.

Yep. The mighty Nick got my name wrong. That kinda sucked. He called me Elise. I have nothing against all the fantastic Elise’s out there, but my name is Elsie. Kinda gave Mr. Nick some crap about that, but hey, what’s done is done, and I know that his heart was in the right place πŸ™‚ enjoy the video!

YoGeek Beginnings- Finally an intro! and Marcia Speaks…

marcia and I

yogic meaning- yoΒ·gic [yoh-gik] Pronunciation Key adjective, of or related to yoga (source:

Geek- Wikipedia

Workout-, WordWebOnline

I’m officially a YoGeek!

So Dave Malkoff from CBS2 news showed up to my class to interview me about online fitness πŸ™‚ How cool is that? Well, we had a great time chatting and I showed him how I did my stuff (podcasting and the like), with my MacBook, my iRiver, and my lav mic. He and his camera man then filmed about 45 min of my yoga class at Swerve Studio. Since he asked me to, I proceeded to record my class, the way that I would normally do it, for my weekly yoga podcast. So there I was now, with 2 mics on me, one, my normal awkward way (with my iRiver on my arm and the lav mic clipped to the front of my top) and then a huge mic box thing inside the pocket of my lovely still crop pants, and another fancy lav mic wrapped around the back of me, and onto the right strap of my top.

Kinda hard to ignore

Still harder to ignore, the fact that the mighty camera man (he was great!) wove in and out of my students and myself carrying this heavy, enormous camera, as if it was a little camcorder. For some reason there was a moment where I actually sort of forgot he was there, as much as one can, and the class became ‘my class’ again. All I thought of was how to help my students stay comfortable being watched. I think that’s one of the hardest things to do, so the way to do it was to simply guide them there. I did my best. This class will be Episode 39, so that y’all can take the class along with them!

Dave told me that I was going to be on the 6 o’clock news πŸ™‚ yeay!!!!

Yea, not so much…as fate would have it some loon decided to make the police chase him all over the freeways, right at 6pm, so I was not on tv 😦 the loon was…or at least until today. Don’t know when the story aired but now the video is up on the website, you can check it out HERE

and check out the corresponding Blog post by Dave , the following is just the beginning of the post, but it’s my favorite part!

May 16, 2007 11:23 am

Who is the bigger computer geek? Comic Book Guy or the woman stretching next to him?

Don’t judge a Comic Book Guy by his cover… or Elsie Escobar by her perfect yoga pose. They’re both about as nerdy!

Aaaahhh, finally, to be compared to Comic Book Guy ***sigh*** the YoGeek has truly arrived!

Make sure you check out his full post.Β  There’s a link to a very interesting article about online fitness!